Multiple Google Notifier instances for multiple accounts on Mac OS X

Submitted by Hannes Schmidt on Fri, 06/19/2009 - 12:29.

I use Google Notifier to have my Gmail account checked for new mail periodically and automatically. I have a secondary Gmail account that I don't use that often but that I would like to have notifier check as well. Unfortunately, Google Notifier currently supports a single Gmail account only. Here's a simple hack that works well for a few gmail accounts. In a nutshell, you need to clone the application package and modify the bundle id in the clone's Contents/Info.plist file.

  1. Copy the Google Notifier application from Applications to a temporary location.
  2. Rename the copy to something like Google Notifier 2.
  3. Move the renamed copy back to Applications.
  4. Right click the copy and select Show package content.
  5. Inside the contents folder, double click the Info.plist file. It should open in Property List Editor.
  6. Change the value of Bundle Identifier from to Use only digits or letters, no spaces or other characters.
  7. Save the property list with Command-S and close it.
  8. Go back to /Applications and double click the Google Notifier 2 application clone you just created. It should start and ask you for your Google account credentials. Fill those in and you will see a second notifier icon in you task bar.

Modifying the bundle identifier causes the application to use a separate preferences file for storing the account information.

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Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 02/22/2011 - 23:05.
The last version of Google notifier is signed by Google, thus the second instance will always ask you for email and password. But we can re-sign the second instance with our own certificate. Detailed instructions here: How to re-sign a Mac Google Notifier for using for multiple accounts